Context of The new Royal English dictionary : or, complete library of grammatical knowledge. Containing a full and copious explanation of all the words in the English language. Together with their various Significations, viz. 1. The Words, their Definition, and the various Senses in which they are used, supported by Authorities. 2. Initial Letters, to denote the Part of Speech to which every Word belongs. 3. The true Pronunciation ascertained and pointed out, by being properly accented. 4. A Geographical Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, Cities, &c. in the four Quarters of the World. 5. A full, accurate, and particular Description of the Counties, Cities, and principal Towns in England and Wales. 6. The Lives of the most eminent Personages which England has produced, can no where be introduced with more propriety than in an English Dictionary; we have, therefore, enriched our Performance with the entertaining and instructive Memoirs of the most illustrious Characters in the British Annals, whether Poets, Statesmen, Admirals, Generals or Divines. 7. Chronology, or a Register of every remarkable Event. 8. Pagan Mythology, or the fabulous History of the Heathen Deitiet. To which is prefixed, a copious grammar of the English language. The Whole containing every Thing that is valuable in all the English Dictionaries, And other Grammatical Productions extant. Carefully collected and digested, so that the Possessors of this Work may obtain any Information they require, without having Recourse to any other Dictionary. By the Rev. Charles Marriott, A. M. Rector of Drayton Cum-Longdale; and Others, (electronic resource)



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