Context of The royal English dictionary : or, a treasury of the English language. Containing, I. A Full Explanation of all the Terms made Use of In Algebra, Anatomy, Architecture, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Dialling, Divinity, Gardening, Geography, Geometry, Grammar, Gunnery, Heraldry, Hieroglyphics, History, Husbandry, Hydraulics, Hydrostatics, Law, Logic, Mathematics, Mechanics, Military Art, Music, Natural History, Navigation, Optics, Painting, Perspective, Philosophy, Pneumatics, Poetry, Printing, Rhetoric, Sculpture, Surgery, Surveying, &c. II. Tracing the Words from their original Fountains. III. Explaining the various Senses in which they are used, supported by Authorities from the best English Writers. IV. Accounts are properly placed, to facilitate the true Pronunciation. V. Each Word is followed by an initial Letter, to denote the Part of Speech to which it belongs. VI. A Geographical Account of the principal Kingdoms, Cities, &c. of the World. Vii. A Description of the Cities and Counties of England and Wales. Viii. The Lives of the most eminent Poets and other ingenious and illustrious Men, who have flourished in these Kingdoms. The Whole on so Extensive a Plan, as to unite the different Excellencies of all other English Dictionaries. To which is prefixed, a comprehensive grammar of the English tongue. By D. Fenning, Author of the Universal Spelling Book; A Treatise of Arithmetic; The Young Algebraist's Companion; The Use of the Globes; &c, (electronic resource)


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