Context of Observations on an address to the public, : dated April, 20, 1775, superscribed Bedford Level, and sign'd Charles Nalson Cole, Register; Repeatedly inserted in the Cambridge Paper; and on a plan, and draught of a Bill, intended to be presented to Parliament, by the Honourable Corporation of Bedford Level, for preserving the drainage of the Middle and South Levels, part of the Great Level of the Fens, called Bedford Level, and the several Navigations through the same, and for imposing taxes on the free lands in the said Levels; and a Tonnage and Toll upon Goods and Merchandize, &c. in which is shewn the impropriety of the Plan, which was originally adopted for the Drainage, Improvement, and Security of the Lands in the said Great Level, with a Review of the several Works proposed to be done and enumerated in the said Bill And some considerations on the Tax and Tonnage proposed to be laid By William Elstobb, Land Surveyor and Engineer, (electronic resource)